“Loved listening to and watching the waves.”

SeaSide Inn Beach Resort BeachVACATION IN PARADISE - Air & light. Sun & sea. Turquoise waters & bright blue skies. Seascapes & cloudscapes that never end. Gentle trade winds from the east & off-shore breezes from the west taking turns according to the season & time of day.

These are the basics: the last great luxuries of time & space. You'll find them here in Florida in abundance in the casual little village of Bradenton Beach on the unspoiled island of Anna Maria, which sits at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. Some have called Anna Maria Island the last great place: No pretensions here, just charm & authenticity.

A truly wonderful way of life. It's very much about nature. Things move to the rhythms of the seasons & the tides. The skies are magnificent - brilliant azure blue most of the year (this is the Sun Coast, after all). The warm Gulf waters are filled with marine creatures & the sweeping white sand beaches are alive with seabirds. It's a sportsman's paradise as well: Boating, sailing, swimming, fishing in the Gulf & Bays, kayaking, para-gliding, windsurfing & biking are all available on-island, with golf & tennis provided at nearby clubs.

SeaSide Inn Beach Resort BeachSeaSide Beach Resort captures the feeling. Here's how it goes: Just outside your window is one of the prettiest white sand beaches anywhere. Pink light streaks across puffs of clouds & a cool offshore breeze blows your way. It's just you & the sanderlings wading through the wave breaks & a flock of terns resting in the sand. Little coquinas with multi-colored shells open & close to the tide. Dolphins breach through the turquoise swells while a manatee lolls in the shallows & a frigate bird casts its silhouette against the sky. From early summer to late autumn, turtle tracks from the great old loggerheads can be seen leading up from the sea into the dunes where they come in the night to lay their eggs before returning again to the sea. Piles of shells wash ashore from the fertile Gulf waters,but you may want to hunt for petrified sharks' teeth & the vertebrae of prehistoric mammals. Down the beach, a fisherman casts a line into the surf while a great blue heron perches beside his bait pail; neither bothers to look your way.

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